Nothing Seems Wrogn
by Steve Sikora

I'm sure I wasn't missed, but I'm back anyway! It has been a long period of time since I had last irritated, offended, and created controversy. However, through the effect of cerebral vengence, I have semi-unintentionally made a neighborhood nuisance out of my ugly ass. So I guess that leaves you with something to remember.
I suppose I should warn you that, latelty, I have been travelling through a lot of changes. I've been overlooking a lifetime of emotional torment, injustice, and a lot more blasphemous craplurking all around me. Somehow, all which was bottled-up inside with a shrug and a smile had broken and spilled out of me. Now, I find myself intolerant over a great amount of things. Also, when I am angred and infuriated I will BITE!!! Therefore, within future columns, if the reader becomes offended, my advice is to shut up and think for oneself! Perhaps one should look deep inside the issue for truth.
I'm most likely to never become a bible-thumping holy roller, fortunately! However, I can recognise that many people who may be a holy or assumed christian, never function in God's image!! Actualy, I notice that almost everybody is guilty of destroying their image of their maker! it doesn't matter how involved in the church they are, which religion they are of, how much cash they toss in the collection plate, or even how much of the bible they may allegedly read...The minute people walk out of those church doors, they return to their lying, cheating, stealing, raping, plundering, and judging ways. Of course, the next sunday, they will stash money into the plate and sing hymns just to plea to God that they are on his side. They think they can bribe God for forgiveness with money when of course, they will do the same torturing and tormenting acts the minute they are outside of the church. I'd shut up if I were you because you might possibly be one of them (think it over, pally...look at yourself for a minute or two). First off, I should leave you with a few things to remember. God cannot be bribed, for he is no fool! God is watching everything you do on this earth as well as how you treat others! Unless you start trying to live in God's image, you may think you're on your way to heaven, but you're wrong!
DEAD WRONG!! Finally, as God had quoted in the bible...Do unto others as you would want them to have done unto you!