ASSt. Editorial God's Intro

"You Lost"

by Professor Vile

I know some sad people. They will die before their time. I'm certain of this. Can't help 'em though.
You see, I think about too many things at once. When I meet a person, I analyze their situation, put it in Perspective and offer some sort of shallow solution to their dilemmas, but I find it impossible to feel any true sympathy for them. Nothing escapes my wicked sense of humor either. Even my own Girlfriend says that I am insensitive.
Most people with children should not have even given birth to them! Most people cannot read their own freakin' language, yet they bitch the loudest (in massacred English) about the foreigners that come here and don't understand our shredded up native tongue! Most cops should be in jail! Most teachers are retarded! Most judges are crooked! Most laws do not serve the public at all! Most Christians act more like Satanists! Most drug addicts wear suits and ties! Most minorities are oppressed! Most relationships should never have formed! Most friendships are based on competition and jealousy! Most bosses dream about eating you up and shitting you out! Most people's lives would be easier without YOU! Most people suck! What are you gonna do about it?
NOTHING! You'll sit and bitch and let things get worse. You'll never work to your potential and you will die unfulfilled. You'll feel like a washed out, used up piece of garbage. You will fade and fade away, until you lose all of your color. Prepare for a life of regret culminating in an insignificant death.
Another problem lies in your failure to see the goddamn stupidity of the American educational system. Teachers treat you like shit from the age of five. Yes, treat you like morons. They don't educate you, either. Instead, they train you like dogs. DON'T take this shit from your educators. Every student should hold them to task. If a whole class hates a teacher, boycott that class. If twenty students cut the same class every day, then the board of education would take a good look at that teacher's performance.
If you can't beat 'em, and you don't wanna join 'em, then why don't you just change 'em? Until you grow some balls, I don't wanna hear any more your damn complaints. Most people suck, DO YOU?

The End