Prof Freeedom

O.K., so what is a sellout? Well, some would say .... ......Ricky Martin, and on the other end of the spectrum some may Say Nirvana. Well, I would agree that Ricky Martin is indeed A sellout. From what I have heard, Ricky Martin has really goodMorals, he takes care of himself and what I admire most, he treats Women with respect. Now, you wouldn't expect that if you have Seen the "La Vida Loca" video. He's all over sluts like some Player pimp asshole. This is selling out ..... Promoting what you Don't believe in just to make a buck.

Alright, that's your typical sellout, and then there is Nirvana. Now, some would say Kurt sold out because lie promoted an Underground punk attitude towards major corporations and big Company assholes, yet he signed to Geffen and became rich and Famous. For this, even Kurt thought and knew that he was, in fact, A sellout. The difference between Ricky and Kurt is- Ricky knows what he is doing, and is happy deceiving people. Kurt knew he was deceiving people, thought it was fucked up, couldn't deal with his nagging conscience and destroyed it- with a shotgun(or someone Else did) ......... Either way, the mother fucker's dead.

In my own opinion, even though I like the way Rick), Martin leads his own life, I think the fuckin' punk should be sued for False advertisement. Kurt showed everyone in the world that in order to live on this planet, you must sellout in some way or another. If You don't you receive the death penalty. Now, if you look at the life Of Ricky Martin and Kurt Cobain, side by side, they have both conveyeyed Truth. Ile fact that everything in the world works off its opposite, It's all a paradox. The difference is who is representing what.

Ricky is fake and alive. Kurt is real and dead. So who is a sellout?
Johnny Rotten or Sid Vicious?
Pat Gerrit or Billy the Kid?
The Monkeys or The Doors?
The fuckin' government or Jeffrey Dahmer?
Roger Waters or Syd Barrett?

Well, the answers are obvious! Sid Vicious is not a sellout, Billy The the Kid is not a sellout, Jim Morrison is not a sellout. Jeffrey Dahmer is not a sellout. Martin Luther King, Jr. is not a sellout. Gandhi is not a sellout. Abraham Lincoln is not a sellout. Kurt Cobain is not a sellout.

Everyone I have just mentioned lived their fives promoting How they lived, whether it was good or bad or just plain Stupid. The only way they sold out was by making money for showing the world what was real, thus bringin society back to its' roots in order to keep the world sane. I mean, you can only take so much of the Backstreet Boys or DMX without going nuts. But wait a minute, I mentioned Syd Barrett before and how he didn't sellout .............

....... But he's still alive!?! And what about Malcolm X? He went from saying the white man was the devil to saying the white'Was cool and we're all equal. Well, he sold the fuck out, and even though be was right he still got killed. So what the bell does this say?

Well, I think God is selling the world's sanity to the Devil forSome insanity because he's fuckin' bored! Which brings me to Jesus Christ, the biggest sellout of them all. When he was alive,
He was not a sellout. He lived what he promoted, and died for it...

..... peace and love. Thai was 2000 years ago, and time has finally soldthis fuckin' rockstar out. Everyone and ther knows who this mug is,more than half die fucking planet wears a pendant of his dead body around their neck and millions of dollars are made off of his legacy in stores, on radio, on t.v. and especially churches everywhere! So, essentially, he's not a sellout, but his fucking ego was so big that He knew what he would become 2000 years from then. What a fucking Genius, huh??

Anyway, back to God, and die whole "selling the world's sanity For insanity" thing...When I was in the mental hospital, a lot of the schizophrenics were stating to make sense. I myself was diagnosed with severe manic depression and slight schizophrenia. Am I crazy? Not for long! As you read this, you're either becoming sane or going insane or Maybe you are staying the same. Either way, I'm selling out! I'm tired of Being crazy, it fucking sucks. I just want to five with my girl and my children in peace, and play my guitar, or write something once in a while. Who knows? So fucking kill me for it. Kill me because I want to lead a Normal fife. Well fuck you. Why don't you figure out what you want to Do with your life nod how you want to sell out. And if you want to kill me,

And you think that's your calling well fuck off.

Because I am Freedom and I know bow to disappear, and when I disappear, Your freedom is taken away. After all, I'm only an optical illusion.