by Magnus Drake

I am the dream reaper and the shadow treader
I am the veil parter and the vision seer
I am the wisdom searcher
Wading through seas of thought
I am the ideal weaver, the fire keeper
I am the tear maker and tear drier
I am the lone sigher
Lost in worlds of my own solitude
I am the starving son
Of a rich world
And the obese son
Of a skeletal world
I am a paradox
Of all Paradoxes
I am a song
That defies the singing
I am the hummer of tunes
And the teller of tales
I am blind but see all
I am dumb yet know everything
Who but I can kiss a trees tears
Who but I can sing with the universe
And spar with an atom
I dance with the ghosts of ancients
And in the dancing renew their life
I see the truth and become it
Student of the race, or is it they who learn?