I just cut some guy's ear off-
Psychology of Racism.

I just cut some guy's ear off. I dunno what to say, so I'll say something anyway. They tell all black kids to hate and fear white kids. They tell all white kids to fear and hate black kids. They beat us with statistics, slogans and a nice little assortment of other shit that furthers their morally bankrupt agenda.
Y'wanna hear some bull shit?
Read this story aloud and listen to yourself.
Forty five years ago, people ate hamburgers made out of black people. There's sun marked graves all over your backyard. In those graves lay the skeletons of human beings, necks broken from the lynch mobs of past and present. The klan did worse things than you can ever imagine and none of it got recorded...
There were slaves as far north as NJ, and at the end of the Civil War their former masters killed them. There were a lot of unrecorded murders in the years following the Emancipation Proclamation. Blacks got lynched right up through our lives.
Here's a tall tale for the campfire, or the bedside, or a random poker game. Shit, you can use this as a kick-ass pickup line!(I'd date a girl who hit on me by saying this bit o'folklore.)Its the true story of the jersey devil as told to me by one of the best storytellers that I know.
Mother Leeds had 12 little brats. Then, she got impregnated by one of her husbands black slaves. She kept that information on the down low in favor of some weird-ass story about giving birth to the devil's son.
After twelve children, Mrs Leeds ovaries were a little punch drunk, so when her mulatto offspring popped out, he was not only half-black, but also as deformed as hell.
The baby's shoulder blades protruded, giving a winged effect. His tailbone also stuck out, like a tail. His face was also deformed, giving him a devilish appearance. Now, if this were just a white retarded mutant, he'd be labeled a handicap and showered with affection. But because he was half black, Mother Leeds lied and locked him in the basement, where he ate live chickens until he was twelve.
At that tender age, he escaped from the basement and ran off into a nearby chicken farm where some macho white heroic townspeople assholes spotted him eating a live chicken. They had a big ole manhunt, and when they found the poor, pathetic cowering "Jersey Devil," they tortured him, killed him and cut him in half. They buried his top half in the pine barrens at a place called "Devil Hill." The bottom half was buried in a reservoir in Wall township.
The ghost of this poor retarded freak flies all around the pine barrens, forever trying to make some kind of amends. I dunno for sure what I think of racism, but sometime, in the future, I see thousands of burned, whipped, broken-necked souls rising and sweating into a scorching inferno of revenge, coming back from to drag the descendants of all their killers into some place of eternal, transcendental torture. And I think I see Mother Leeds' youngest son leading the parade.