Fly in the Primordial Soup
by Bliss

Life is a mystery and most of us walk around day after day wondering what's going to happen next. They don't even really know where they are or why. Who they are or why. So a lot of people ask the big questions like "Why am I here?" and "Is there a god?"

I'm not one of those people. I usually say if you have to ask you don't want to know. For Instance "Excuse me sir, What exactly is in the "Silence of the lambs soup?" See my point? I like to stick to simple things like "Who gave him a license?""where is the waitress?" Stuff with answers; then again I might not want to know the answers to those questions either.

I spent very little of my time thinking about my significance. I don't have one...I am a tiny blob of universal waste that just so happened to be conscious. The sad part about Human consciousness is that unlike most of the rest of the universe, it is unable to accept a small place in the cosmos.

I suppose that natural selection makes errors that can occasionally take thousands of years to work out. "No sense wiping out the entire million-year process over a tiny glitch, but if it doesn't get worked out soon zap the little shits."

We are all so small. Think about it. It's a true and humbling idea. Do we really think we have any control? Okay I'll admit that for such miniscule creatures we have caused a lot of havoc, but the fact is that we've only caused havoc for ourselves. Which is pretty dumb.

While stars are busy exploding and particles are crashing and combusting, humans think that their traffic and wars hold "great importance" within the hierarchy of the universal to-do's.


We are so full of ourselves that we think that GOD modeled us after himself. Wake Up! ...I wonder, "god as a human male...Who could make up something so obviously true?. Certainly not the great men of history that we admire so much." Can't blame them, if I was faced with an entire society of egotistical brats to manipulate I say that I had a really big powerful guy on my side and he doesn't care who's wrong or right..."we look alike. It's a blood thing. Now give me all of your money." That little fear tactic worked so well that we still have organized religion.

We are so dumb, so insignificant. People have in their reign on earth only succeeded in outsmarting themselves and perfecting arrogance, aside of course from those ridiculous pyramids in Egypt.

Are they really one of the wonders of the world? I don't think so. I think the pyramids are a giant waste of blood and tear all to fulfill the gigantic needy ego of another self important human.

To be honest, I'm not sure why I'm saying this. I already know it and most of you won't believe it. Either your God will disown you or you'll have to admit that your life has the same value as a fly's life. I know you can't do that, so I'll shut up now.