My teacher asked me why I wished not to be In class. When I told her that It was the walls, comprehension escaped her. People have forgotten that there am no walls. They don't exist In nature. Why would one contentedly sit behind wall anymore than one would not wish to walk after losing. one's legs? How can one let oneself submit to non-existent boundaries? My belief In my own strength and will would be exchanged for contented enclosure beyond my own choice. I choose where to be. If my teacher wishes me to stay in class, It Is then that I decide whether I must leave or not. For there is no leash around my neck. No restraint. That I know this Is good, however, many people don't. They know what people desire of them and follow this strictly. If I may Imperfectly quote Malaclypse the Younger, "You have built up walls and placed yourself In them and do ye now complain of being caged?'

Yes we put ourselves here and who am we? Mankind? No single being is to blame and no single being can or could have changed it. So why, then, must we submit to the future retrospective man has blindly planned for us? If history must be learned In order to not repeat our negative past then we must not have the capacity to learn. There are still wars, still poverty, and even more common violence than ever before. Why? Because man has looked at the wrong causes for our malevolent and masochistic past. Many older people have a problem with Idealistic youth. They think It's silly or pointless or an excuse for not doing anything. These people are broken. That youth has been robbed of them. Personally, as one who has this ideology, I will not let It'scape my grasp. It's the only thing that keeps us motivated to better ourselves.

We must move past stagnation. Let us look at what we've made and grow into it. We must always move toward greater things. This Is the Great Work. We're never done. That's just it. Never the top, only better and better and better. Always growing, always rising higher.

If any religion can love or appreciate a god, then those same followers can seek to get closer to that Being of Any Name. Most religions do seek this, however, the most popular religion world wide, does not. Yes that's right - Christianity! Christianity Is a beautiful religion base on a man who was God or a man who was close to God. In any event, what ever happened to being like Jesus. Sure, people seek to be like him In kindness, generosity, and purity. That's all fine and good but are you enlightened? Can you view and perceive the multiplicity of reality? Prob'ly not! That means something Is wrong. Every religion has some state to acquire, whether it is Nirvana or what have you, where do Christians seek to go? Is there nothing to this earth but, "Be good? Be nice.'

There Is more to the human being than Is perceived. We are capable of much more.

Of coarse, this thought process is not widely held. People don't want to accept this more'mystical' view of our nature. Our hate to be the one to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, but we've got a whole lot more mind* that we're not using. Does everyone still believe In evolution or does that just not apply to mankind anymore? We've got further places to go. Fuck! Fuck! It's frustrating conveying this. Go out of your mind. Anyone who says they know what's going on doesn't know and anyone who knows won't say. Figure it out for Goddess sake! Is this not our world? Fuck! Fnord! See the Fnords! Continue our life on or off this planet! Read books! Break the law and make your own! Use your Intuition and your natural understanding of right and wrong! Be like Buddha! Be like Jesus! Be like Emperor Norton!
Claim your mind as legal territory only to you! Don't watch TV! I'm preaching here!Freedom, freedorn! Why do those words still ring so sweet off our lips? We must truly tastefreedom! In the consonant language, 'Dwn wth th gvmmntl DWN WTH TH GVRNMNT! DWNWTH TH GVRNMNT! DWN WTH TH GVRNMNTI'

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