Evolution Part One (The Brink)

By Professor Bench

On the way out now, been that way for too long now- seems like years. The thing about all this is, well what I mean by this is evolution, that somewhere along the line a break must occur, a drastic change must take place. This break will change the way all classes and races view each other. No longer will they be at war or cause pain to each other in any way, shape or form.

My mind is on the brink, meaning only by furthering my blood line can this break occur. Like I said, evolution is what this is all about; or have you already forgotten? Because if you have, then why am I wasting my time with your pathetic mind? Open I say, to things that are unintended by the people in Power, to allow us the capability of using. You see, being that we currently use only 10% of our brain, the other 90% can only be brought into full use by evolving, this being the mating of two minds that are on the brink, bringing about one unified mind beyond the breaking point.

By pushing your mind beyond the parameters of this so-called "reality", one should be able to use these abilities to benefit all and bring them to this breaking point. The Brink. The abilities I speak of are techniques based on telepathy and telekinesis, all stemming from the practice of deep meditation.

 Evolution Part Two ( Side steps)

Now, along the line, there are devious minds floating about. People on the brink, who use it for their own personal gain through the destruction of others. These people ARE NOT EVOLVING, they are sidestepping- causing a branch or a tangent, if you will. These people will eventually try to impede the progress of your movement. This delay could turn out in two possible ways*l* The mind was so devious that you feel lessened and you cease to further yourself.*2* You see through that mind all the while absorbing the energy that oozes out of its body.



Meditation will bring about clarity, redeeming your soul. Add that to the evolving mind and a revolution shall ensue. Take this "Evolution Revolution" and divide it by Bi-Pedalism and the destruction of your newly evolved mind shall come to pass. DO NOT LET BIPEDS GET TO YOU.


The collection and release of energy is vital in this evolutionary process. There are certain spots on this Earth where energy flows rampant. By meditating directly in the center of these spots, the energy can be collected. The meditation should consist of your thoughts racing until a cognizant feeling of the energy flowing through your body is realized.

I have found many ways that energy can be released. The many forms of art, music, dance, theater, drawing, painting, etc, are all very strong forms of energy release. There are two other forms of energy release which are the most important. These are extreme violence and mass amounts of sex. Think of these two as + - ions. Without one, you cannot have the other and without the other, you cannot have the one.

A major influence on my mind, W.S.Burroughs, once wrote,"One violent death releases more energy than a cancer word." I have fully embraced this idea even though I do not condone the ad of murder. Violent death does not necessarily mean murder. It could be a car crash or a suicide, and these would both release a large amount of energy.

If at any point in your life, you've had really good sex, then you know or have experienced the release of energy that comes from it. If you haven't, then I suggest starting to.