The Bruised Artery
by Professor Vile

As this bald black guy in a tan wife beater reached his limits, the bitch next to him felt the brunt of the heat. The big guy extended the fingers of his right hand and jammed them right into her gut, splitting the abdomen open. As he yanked out a slippery handful of intestinal tract, her heart just jolted to a stop.

Some rookie immediately jumped up from his subway seat and lunged at the huge psycho, but a little more experience on the force could possibly have led to a more productive end result. The madman just took a lead pipe to Johnny Law's crotch, tearing his balls clean off of his body. Next a giant gut-slicked hand grasped the jaw of the cop and yanked until it dislocated and eventually tore off like a chicken leg. Tendons snapped like bacon. Feeling no sorrow, the big man beat the rookie to death with his own jawbone.

Without any further adieu, a handful of "on-duty" law boys blasted the big, pissed fucker to Hell with a horizontal hailstorm of about twenty to thirty bullets straight to the skull. In five seconds, the madman's head looked like chuck chop. The pigs' almost pissed their blue pants. In the heat of this fury, one of the 5-0's actually shot himself in the foot.

On the other side of the tracks, a lawyer with a heavy problem of the mental sort keeps uttering the word "push" over and over again. No one else in the filthy subway station paid much attention to this urban casualty until he pushed ten-year-old Martin Lebowitz in front of an oncoming subway train. In seconds, the train spreads the boy's bloody body out to about ninety feet, razing off a hand, forearm, or foot here and there. Rat's all gathered to partake of this feast, which probably helps to account for the fact that that pieces of Martin seem to have disappeared once the investigators arrived to scoop up his remains.

Herschel Lebowitz was waiting for his parents and his little brother to come back from their trip to the city at about five o'clock. That would give him another hour to fuck his girlfriend. within minutes, he would have to stop fucking her long enough to answer the phone call telling him of his brother's murder.

Grief cut like razor blades through Herschel's brain as he slit his wrists in the bathroom and bled like a stuck pig. The last thought that went through his mind just killed him. He envisioned little Martin's face as the train whittled away at his body, transforming him into sauce.

Flesh knotted up and putrefied in the subway corridor. The stench caused many a present spectator to puke up the contents of their stomachs onto the tracks. Rats pissed upon the young child's severed head with no regard at all, spreading vermin everywhere as cockroaches laid eggs in stray chunks of meaty flesh. Homeless guys who dwell in the subway eat that shit, y'know?

A whore with advanced syphilis pulls a crack pipe from her red patent leather purse and packs it with a couple of hard earned rocks. She smokes it with a random city official in a rundown hotel room. Then he attempts to fuck her, but she's too tight to do the deed. It had to be yeast infections, she figured. They've been increasingly sealing her up more and more. He can't get it up anyway, so gives the crack pipe another use.

She tries to vomit, but instead just doubles over and thinks about how her sister met such a grisly fate earlier tonight. She tries to picture the scene of her sibling having her guts ripped out by that pimp son of a bitch. Noticing the wondering attention of his company, the city official furiously bites off a huge section of the whore's breast. He ultimately slashes her wrist with a broken bottle of beer before fucking her to death with it.

"If my wife could see me now!!" he laughed to himself.

Some scumbag in a Bear's T-shirt gets the shit beaten out of him while his female assailant screams the name of Martin Lebowitz, whom she never knew. The woman only witnessed his death in the subway earlier today. Battered, bloody, broken bones lay everywhere.

Two hours later, the whole fucking state melted and died in a nuclear blast. A man in the emergency ward of Jersey Shore Medical Center met a similar fate, dying of a bruised artery.

"I could sure go for a Steak!" Were his last words. "I am hungry as Hell!!!"

The End