The AnArChY PaPer

by Nogump


We live in a country founded on free speech, regardless of the legal implications, it is still free speech, so we have a large population of people who love to voice their right of free speech, and we never hear the end of it on any topic, no matter what it is, everyone has an opinion. On everything from abortion to gun control. Every American citizen has something to say about everything, in fact what is written here, what you are reading is a prime example of that freedom. I am American, born and bred, so I know full and well what I can and cant say without getting sued for slander or defamation of character. So I write
to voice that wonderful free speech, and right to opinion.
This particular paper is on the use of the apparent symbol for those who think this country sucks, the Anarchy symbol, the whole idea behind the movement that, to date has gone absolutely nowhere. Shall we look at the idealism? the Dictionaries definition for this word is:

an-ar-chy: 1.Absance of any form of political authority 2. Political
disorder and confusion 3. Any state of disorder or confusion especially when caused by absence of recognized authority or cohesive principal

Well thats the dictionaries definition of Anarchy, did some of you who sport that little A with the circle know that was what that meant? Im sure some of you didn&rsquot, and some of you still dont get it. Well let me put it in easier terms, Anarchy, for America, would mean no more President, no more democracy, no more military, no more police, no more FBI, CIA, NSA, DEA, ATF and all other federal or state funded organizations you may hate as a wannabe Anarchist. Now some of you
probably think this is hella cool right now. Not to have any of those around, okay, I can see why, you&rsquod have total run of the country without fear of breaking laws that no longer exist. Well now the down side, the money in your pocket? Useless, you cant buy anything, all you can do is steal, and you know what? No more cops to protect you, so murder is legal, its a Semetric world now, if he pulls first you die, and the prison system? they are all out now, running amok across America. So lets say you wanted Anarchy, and now you stand in the ruins
of your home knowing you just opened pandoras box so to speak. And thats just the local complications. Now think global, Americas military is gone, abolished, Anarchy is in control. So now what? well the world hears about it, then the real bad stuff starts to happen, Americas enemies decide to take a little boat ride to the land where its open to take. With in days, if your lucky, weeks, the beaches will fill with Chinese troops, if your lucky it wont be China, but in all lights, it would be, Chinese flags would fly, Mig-29&rsquos would dominate the
skys, Zsu&rsquos, t-93s, and BMPs would roll through the streets, civilians would be shot down in the streets by Ak-47s. And you wanted

So now, weeks after your little Anarchy happened, you are now run by a Communist regime, wow, now if you want to speak your mind, your gonna find a 7.62 mm shell buried in your skull, just because you said something bad, you were shot. Did any of you ever think about this? What, did you expect a new, better government to spring up in the old ones place? A la la government that will give you what you want, get rid
of cops, legalize drugs and take away gun control? Yeah, right, and I can shoot fire balls from my ass. Look, we have police for one reason, to keep order. Im not saying they&rsquore arent cops out there on a serious power trip, but those arent cops, they are the pigs. Cops are honest people, with a badge, who actually give a damn if you, pigs are those on a power trip. I know the difference, and im sure you do too. Not all police are bad, or assholes. And you all know that. Some cops take time from they&rsquore personal lives to assist troubled teens,
help in a D.A.R.E. program, or just help the community in miscellaneous ways. Sure, we all know a Pig, but we all know a Cop too. And you hate the laws they enforce right? Think about that one for a second. So lets say you skate right? and your pissed cause some &ldquopig&rdquo told you that you cant skate in front of the mall, or any other building, well do
you know why hes there? because the mall called him to have you removed because any business is considered private property, so they can decide
weather or not to let you skate, the cop is just doing his job,
enforcing the law, as a skater skating on a private business property, they can consiter you a trespasser and call the police to have you removed, or the mall police if they have such a thing in that particular area. So you hate the cop because he did his job? Well would he be your best friend if he turned his back to his job and let you continue skating, or would he be if someone stole your car, or broke into your house and he recovered what was lost, or you got jumped and he happened along, would you hate the &ldquopig&rdquo then?

And who wants to have every single drug legal? sure, a lot of you do. And the cop is the reason that you cant light up a J on the street? no, the reason is that somewhere in Washington they decided that it should be illegal and passed that down for the police to enforce, so again, hes just doing his job. And why arent your favorite drugs legal anyway? simple, if the federal government could control they&rsquore production
and distribution like they do alcohol and tobacco, they would be.

And now what about the military? I know some of you hate it, well on this one im gonna be brief. Without the military your sorry ass would be ruled by a government not as nice as the one you have now, if it wasn't for them, you wouldn&rsquot even have the freedom you have, before you were born, or even discovered you hated the government, they were dying
so you would have the right to hate it without fear of persecution.

So is that all? you want to change all of this so you can run amok and be free from laws? think about it, the country isn&rsquot perfect, but its all we got, and its a lot better then anywhere else.

&ldquoI disapprove of what you say, but I defend to the death you're right to say it&rdquo-Voltaire