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 The Fabric Staircase Web-Intro
By Father John Gibbons

I have been trying for a while now to get one of the main editors of the print zine to give the web-site a proper intro, however nothing seems to get done here at Fabric Staircase without an undo amount of violence whenever collaboration of any kind is brought up. So I will write this fucking thing to avoid herding cats and to answer several stupid questions you may be asking yourself.
First of all, this site is based off of the print zine (or magazine depending on who you ask) with the same name. Based in Belmar NJ, Fabric Staircase started off as a forum for local artists and writers who really had no venue for themselves. Over time the magazine and its creators developed a mild cult following on the Jersey shore and among prison systems in California (don't ask...). It wasn't long after this that the authorities in Belmar scared away our advertisers by giving them the shakedown about our publication. A little while after that some teenage girl supposedly tried to slit her throat after reading one of our magazines (I still wonder what story provoked that.) Her kooky Christian parents are still not happy with us. Anyway, being a thorn in the side of establishment and organized religion has become a theme we've adopted (if any...We try to avoid themes in all honesty. If you can pigeon-hole us for something, go for it.)
Second, I realize that this page navigates strangely (especially on the random page( go figure!)) and does so because everything we do here at Fabric Staircase is arbitrary. When you read the Magazine itself you have at no time what to expect when you turn the page, and I like that element of surprise. As a general rule, If you're really too confused on how to proceed next, just click on a few random elements that you see, and you'll get somewhere interesting.
Next, we are currently trying to hijack a Christian youth message board and would greatly appreciate any offensiveness you would like to throw at them(see the
Random Page). Also, send all forms of junk mail to : and at .We don't like these guys, and they don't like us, so be sure to mention who sent you.

If you would like a link to your site from Fabric, cut and paste this code on your page , and email me so I can do the same with yours.

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If you have any other questions, just leave them in the guest book. Thanks for stopping by.

Father John Gibbons